East Lebanon Volunteer Fire Dept- By Henry Stewart 

Created by East Lebanon residents after the fires of 1947, led by Theodore "Bucky" Gerrish Jr. who became our first chief. An association was also formed at this time by citizens to help support the Department by dances, suppers, etc.The first truck, constructed from the chassis of a coca-cola delivery truck was garaged in an unheated bay at the country store which had a small extension built on the back to enclose the whole truck. Incorporated in 1956 for liability reasons with Buck elected Chief. The Depot school was purchased by the firemen and the Ladies auxiliary with a heated addition built by the members. 

In the 70's the first real used commercial trucks were purchased; First a pumper for $600 and later a 54 Bull Dog Mack. Professional gear was purchased during this time, first boots, then Helmets, and flammable canvas coats. (updated after having to hose down a member who got to close.) Air packs also became available in small numbers. In 78 construction was started on the present building. In 1980 Our first new truck was purchased and in the 80's we became one of two town Depts.; soon to be joined as one under Chief Glen Gerrish. 

Since then the Dept has been steadily acquiring better equipment and spends extensive time training the members to be able to respond to any incident that threatens our citizens. We are members of an extensive mutual aid system that brings adequate aid to any community experiencing a major disaster.