Fire Engine Donation

Proposed Engine

              As you may have heard, the Lebanon Fire and EMS Department is in desperate need of a new fire engine. The current fleet is aging and the maintenance budget to keep these vehicles on the road is becoming exorbitant. While discussing the need for a new vehicle with the selectmen, a local business owner heard of the financial difficulties the Town and Department were facing while trying to purchase the department a new vehicle. This individual is a member of the board of trustees for the Ray and Elaclaire Gosselin Charitable Trust. This organization has previously made several donations to the Lebanon Fire Department INC, the non-profit corporation associated with the Fire Department. These funds have been used to purchase equipment for the department, as well as helping to fund repairs to the stations. A proposal was made to the remainder of the board of trustees to fund a new fire truck for the Town of Lebanon via lease payments. The board of trustees accepted the proposal and have agreed to make the lease payment to allow the Town to acquire the truck.

              One of the questions we have been asked several times is why is a charitable trust from Massachusetts buying a fire truck for Lebanon, Maine? Well, the simple answer to that question is that we are lucky enough to have a business owner in Town that represents the trust. Additionally, Ray Gosselin spent a large part of his career as a firefighter in Massachusetts, so one of his goals was to use his wealth to benefit Fire Departments in need.

              Below you will find links to the ad for the proposed truck, as well as the letter from the Ray and Elaclaire Gosselin Charitable Trust proposing their donation of the funding to purchase the truck via a lease purchase.

              We ask for your support in the upcoming special referendum vote. This is a much-needed piece of equipment to keep you safe, with no cost to the taxpayers. If you have any problems or questions, please contact Chief Kurk Flynn via phone at (207) 457-6556 or by email at

Thank you for your time.