Transfer Station Fees

Accepted by Select Board Yes - 2 No - 1 12/28/2015

Recycling:  The Lebanon Transfer Station has 1 SINGLE SORT CONTAINER.

The following may be recycled:

Plastics #1 through #7 only, Glass, Drink Containers, Paper, Books, Junk Mail, Tin Cans, Coupons, Magazines, Cardboard, Aerosol Cans

Also Accepted:

Car Batteries, NiCad Batteries & Lithium Batteries, Florescent, CFL & Regular Lightbulbs, Empty propane tanks with valve open

Some items NOT to recycle:

Plastic Bags, Food, Cigarette Butts, Styrofoam, Packing Materials, Flower Pots, Clothes, Hazardous Materials, Lightbulbs, Batteries, Tissues, Paper Towels, Napkins, Mirrors, Dishes

PLEASE ….Place shredded paper in a closed paper bag.


$ 10.00 Dehumidifier, Refrigerator, Air Conditioner, Freezer (each)

$ 10.00 Sleeper Sofa (each)

$ 5.00 Loveseat, Chair, Mattress, Boxspring, Rugs (each)

$ 5.00 T.V. (each)

$ 5.00 Computer Monitor (each)

$ 75.00 Sheet Rock/Shingles Per Pick-up Truck load

$ 75.00 Sheet Rock/Shingles Per Single Axle Trailer

$150.00 Sheet Rock/Shingles Per Double Axle Trailer

Please see attendant prior to unloading your truck and/or trailer for pricing of demolition or misc. debris.

$ 2.00 Car/Light Truck up to 17” (each)

$ 3.00 SUV/Pick-Up Truck 17”+ (each)

$ 5.00 Car/SUV/Pick-Up Truck 17”+ W/RIM (each)

$ 25.00 Heavy equipment, Tractor, Skidder & Dump Truck (each)

Please call the Transfer Station or speak with an attendant for further verification.


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