Lebanon Fire & EMS Training

4 members of Lebanon Fire & EMS have started their training to become interior firefighters by taking a pro-board Firefighter 1 & 2 course.

These members will give up 2 of their nights per week to attend class from December till May, with occasional weekends for practical exercises.

In May, they will take a written exam and a practical exam to show their skills learned.

2 members of the department have finished EMT-Advanced class and will test after the holidays.

2 members are currently in EMT-Advanced class, while 2 other members are finishing up their EMT-Basic Class. These members go to class 2 nights a week for 19 weeks.

This past June 4 members graduated from Firefighter 1 & 2.

Currently the department has:

12 members who are interior firefighter and at least an EMT-Basic

6 Interior firefighters who are looking for an EMT class.

5 members who are either EMT-Basic or EMT-Advanced.

Other courses members have recently taken or signed up to take: Emergency Driving Course, Certified Pump Course, Fire Instructor 1 & 2 Course, Water Tech. Course, Rural Pumping Course, Extraction Course, training burn and a Command Course.

Cross training was started after the July 2015 budget and will continue, training is the best way for the protection of the members and the citizens of Lebanon.