Get To Know: Megan

We are launching an informative new series of biographies to the citizens of Lebanon, whom we serve, featuring our fantastic Fire & EMS responders. These are the folks who are making a big difference within our department, the one's putting it all on the line for you, and we feel they are worth getting to know!

We'll begin by introducing Megan who just happens to be turning 30 today!

Megan lives... in East Rochester and is a 2005 graduate of Dover High School. She is a new member to the department, joining us in 2016. She is an EMT-B and is one of a handful of our most devoted overnight responders. This isn't always an easy task for Megan. Whether or not she is up all night answering calls, she still needs to be ready each morning for her regular day job. When Megan isn't responding to medical calls, she can be found working with special needs children in an area school department. She is the type of person who is truly committed to helping others in all aspects of her life.

Megan is an inspiration to many in the department for so many reasons. She is one of those individuals who has boundless energy and has a happy, infectious attitude. She jumps at any offer for additional training, which can be an asset to the dept. Just in September; she became a certified Water Rescue Technician. Megan is a weight loss success story too! Having struggled with her weight for years, Megan once weighed well over 200 lbs. Through hard work and nutritional changes Megan lost approximately 90 lbs, and is in amazing condition today. She regularly visits the gym, has taken up running and is a committed Vegan.

As if Megan wasn't busy enough, she is also currently enrolled in Fire I & II classes in North Berwick, which she hopes to graduate from in June. This will give Lebanon yet another fully cross trained responder. We are so very fortunate to have a responder of the caliber that Megan is on our staff.

Megan's future plans involve taking the CPAT test, a physical testing process that is required for anyone considering a professional career in the Fire Service. When it comes to the test and her future plans, we have no doubt that Megan can accomplish anything she sets her mind to!